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Morgan Stanley helps people, institutions and governments raise, manage and distribute the capital they need to achieve their goals.


CGG is a global technology and HPC leader that provides data, products, services and solutions in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. They combine human ingenuity, data and new technology to solve digital, energy transition, natural resource, environmental and infrastructure challenges for a more sustainable future.

Why ProgSoc?

The Programming Society (ProgSoc) at the University of Edinburgh was founded in 2015 with the aim to teach the fundamentals of programming to anyone, regardless of their technical background. The society was created to address the desire for a more accessible understanding of the technologies that drive and shape the world today. Programming is a skill with rapidly increasing demand across a wide range of industries, and by supporting us you support our members who are keen to break into the workplace with newfound skills.

What events do we run?

We normally run networking events throughout the semesters and weekly lessons for our members. We also have a partnership with the Edinburgh University Women in STEM Society, allowing us to run coordinated events with them. Our most high-profile event of the year is the ‘Hello World’ Hackathon, in which our budding members can show off their skills and experience an environment of friendly competitive programming.

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